Player-focused, family atmosphere, individualized…

Dear Tennis Friends and Friends of Tennis Menzingen

You might ask yourself why someone acquires a tennis hall that has been around since 1983 and is located in a small city above Lake Zug? We, a sports and tennis enthusiastic family, wanted to organize our training and the progress of our children in a good, friendly, sheltered and family-oriented environment. We had therefore, together with our long-standing tennis coach, searched for a tennis hall to meet these needs.

With Tennis Menzingen we have found the ideal environment for our training and playing requirements! Additionally, we really appreciate a friendly and familiar atmosphere when playing tennis. Tennis Menzingen meets these fundamentals and we are looking forward to expanding them further.

In the 2-court tennis hall, which we have equipped with a new floor, modern lamps and nice curtains, tennis can be trained and played at a good level. This environment forms the basis so that we and our customers can enjoy the tennis game. The lounge, the open gallery and the windows between the tennis hall and the administration and lounge areas create a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

We support the tennis development of our players with experienced coaches who focus on their students as individuals. The newly equipped fitness room makes it possible for tennis players and sports enthusiasts to keep fit and healthy. Once we have set up the massage room, we will be able to offer you a complete service around the sport of tennis.

Within this framework, we want to create a place for our customers and ourselves where tennis players can play, exercise, enjoy themselves and meet friends. This motto guides our activities at Tennis Menzingen where we hope to provide you and your family with a friendly, familiar and sporty environment.


Family Eichkorn